A short list of my (existing and planned) biomodifications:

Lachesis system tattoo

(Planned) This will extend from my left hip to knee, along my thigh, and contain representations of each member in our plural system. The intended design is a long, winding dragon (Daski) who coils around four spheres which contain a wolf (Nasha), a wilting rose (Adam), a crow (Karai), and a Zora symbol (Selkie). Behind her is a mandala (Ren) and a hexagonal pattern (bristfall).

Hylian wings

(Planned) Across my back, shoulders, and upper arms will be a stylized Hylian Crest. It'll mostly end up looking like the wings most people get, but the center will have enough there to clearly be identifiable as Hylian.

Hormone replacements

(Existing) I've been on hormone replacements since early 2018.

A series of tattoos

(Planned) I'm still figuring these out. They'll be along my right thigh, and the general idea is to make them look a little like decals. I know I want one of them to use my Tau-like conlang, and another will probably be the set of Indigo League gym badges.


(Planned) The look of heterochromia iridum - having unmatched eye colors - has always been very attractive to me. There are a number of colored contact lens makers that typically sell to people for cosplay purposes, so I can simply get a set in the desired color and wear only one.

Various piercings

(Existing) I have had my earlobes pierced since late 2018. I usually wear fire opal studs, though I will probably start adding in larger gauge studs over time.

(Planned) Since I pull my hair across asymmetrically, I've wanted to get my left upper ear pierced to add additional shiny bits. I'll probably get two piercings there, and put silver rings in them.

(Planned) I also want to get my bottom lip pierced, probably on the right to continue the upper left-to-bottom right diagonal I have going with my hair.

(Planned) There may end up being a piercing on my navel as well, since I'm a Basic White Girl.


(?) If money was not a barrier, I would probably implant glowing vials in each of my forearms and an NFC chip in my hand. I like the look of the glowing vials, and the NFC chip would definitely be used as a way to subtly scan things into the phones of my contacts. I'd probably just link it to some hidden page on my site, but it would be cool.

Dental work

(?) Again, if money was not a barrier, I would consider having my canine teeth shaped. As it stands, I may still get some of the stick-on fangs. I used to wear them a while back, and they always felt really good once I got used to the slightly different jaw position.


(Planned) There is one particular reconstructive surgery I have planned, and will be undertaking once I can get through the preparatory and insurance work.

Hair dye

(Existing) We regularly dye our hair. Usually we keep it as jet black as possible, but sometimes we mix in vibrant shades like blue or purple. We've considered green, but one of our partners uses pale green.