BBQ Chicken




  1. Pre-heat the oven to a medium temperature (350°F/180°C).
  2. Line the bakeware with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier.
  3. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels, otherwise the water will dilute the sauce when it bakes.
  4. Season the chicken breast. I like to use salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of garlic.
  5. Wrap the provolone around the chicken.
  6. Wrap the proscuitto around the cheese and chicken.
  7. Place the chicken into the bakeware with the opening of the wrap on the bottom, to keep it closed.
  8. Pour the barbecue sauce onto the chicken to cover it.
  9. Bake the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F (about 30 minutes).
  10. Switch the oven to broil for about 5 minutes to help thicken the sauce and crisp the proscuitto.


The grocery store that I used to go to had these metal tins of fresh meals that were already prepared, so all you had to do was remove the top and put them in the oven. I really enjoyed them, and would usually go for two or three of those a week so I didn't have to keep a lot of extra ingredients around. This was where I got the recipe!

This works best when the barbecue sauce is just a little spicier than you would normally use. The spice soaks into the meat and is mellowed out a bit by the cheese, so I usually go with one that is labeled as "hot".

My favorite way to serve this is with "barbecue sides" like macaroni and cheese (homemade, or the good liquid sauce kind), garlic potatoes, roasted corn, green beans (always whole, never cut!), or pasta salad. Especially the macaroni and cheese.