Communication patterns

These are a series of communication patterns that I have been working on, with my friends, to add some additional semantic meaningfulness.

I tried to give them plaintext and IRL versions, so they will (hopefully) work in virtually all mediums.

Safety thumbs (thumbs?, =b, =o, =p)

A no-tech version of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's "Color Communication Badges", you can use your thumbs to indicate your current comfort level.

A thumb up (=b) means you're okay to continue (green),
a thumb sideways (=o) means you're waiting to see (yellow),
a thumb down (=p) means you're uncomfortable (red).

Thumbs can be given at any time, but you can also explicitly ask for thumbs by putting your thumb up and "wagging" it side to side by rotating your wrist or with thumbs?.

🍥 so then i bit her on the leg
♑ Eeesh, okay =o
♑ How did you get home, though?
🍥 oh i just got on the bus

Topic change (---)

An explicit shift in topic, to let the recipient know the next messages are not part of the previous messages. It does not mean "I would like to stop that topic", it is only an indicator of a topic change.

🐺 but she started winding herself around my leg
🐺 so that's when I tried to bite her
🐺 ---
🐺 did you see the new animal crossing?
🦉 where, across the road?

Block post (>>)

Signifies that a person has a series of things to say, and would like to post them piece by piece, not being interrupted until they are finished.

This can be at the beginning of a series, as in ">>" followed by a series of messages, or at the end of the first message, implying there are more to follow (kind of like an ellipsis).

🐲 I've got some thoughts about all of you
🐲 >>
🐲 I love you all
🐲 Each and every one if you
🐲 You mean so much to me
🐲 You are my precious little children
🐲 Even when you're not so little
🐲 And you light up my world
🐲 .
🐺 wha
🍥 big wet hug

Done (.)

After a series of messages, this indicates that you are finished with your thoughts. It indicates "I'm done, your turn".

It can come at the end of a series started with ">>", or just anywhere to mean "that's all".

🥀 and then when you actually make the party you could use them all at once
🥀 so your party isn't just like "one at a time until you switch"
🥀 which is really weird because then you also lose a move if you switch
🥀 so like, what is even the point of switching?
🥀 but anyway this way you can have them each support each other
🥀 uh, yeah, I have strong feelings about this...
🥀 .
🙏 I see

Clarify (^?)

Shorthand for "I'm not sure I understand the previous message(s), could you provide some clarification so I don't misunderstand it?"

♑ Where in the heck are we?
🐺 ^?
♑ Oh, I mean we just kinda woke up and realized we don't know where here is
🐺 Oh, it's the office

Agree (^!)

Shorthand for "That statement also applies to me, exactly as written."

🐺 I think increasing personal mobility should be one of the most important priorities of a modern city
🥀 ^!
🥀 And being accessible while doing it
🐺 Oh yeah, of course, because you have to actually make people mobile, not just the able-bodied rich


Marks a sarcastic, mocking, or derisive tone-of-voice when quoting someone.

🦉 You should """totally""" get that third pen you won't be happy with
♑ Look...
🦉 """It will make your notes so much more effective"""

Emphatic Title-Casing

Emphasizes the importance of something by formatting it as a proper noun or title.

🐺 Dragons are Extreme Cuties
🐲 Aww!

Can also be used to indicate a derisive tone, similar to triple-quoting.

🥀 Imagine not documenting your Very Important Code

trailing commas,,,

Indicates a lighthearted or cute tone.

🍥 nyaa,,